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"Antillia: The Digital Island" is a project by London-based Barbadian artist, Adam Patterson, formerly presented in accordance with "The White Pube," an art criticism website run by Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente, throughout the month of November, 2016. The project runs in accordance with "Barbados Beyond Boundaries (BBB)", a community-constructed digital space, in association with the Barbados Historical Museum & Society.

In the wake of 50 years of independence in Barbados, several questions have been raised as to what constitutes Bajan identity, alongside projects dedicated to the resolution of these questions.

"Antillia: The Digital Island" is an online space and project hoping to compile multimedia snapshots of Bajan life, experience, thought and identity, submitted by Bajans at home and of the Diaspora. Compiling 'snapshots' intends to remove any limits to the variety of responses, with a focus on the Bajan "Everyday".

Interrogations of Bajan identity need not be limited to the time around Independence. "Antillia: The Digital Island" has been resurrected so as to help stimulate an ongoing conversation as to Barbadian notions of identity. 

All content exhibited through "Antillia: The Digital Island" is the intellectual property of its respective contributor. 

For more information about the artist behind "Antillia: The Digital Island," go to: 

All content © Ada M. Patterson, 2022 All rights reserved.
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